Our Physical Therapy team is dedicated to help you heal by using the latest rehabilitation techniques and equipment. Clients receive 55 minute sessions with individualized treatment in a calm, warm environment. You will finish treatment with a better understanding of how your body works as well as techniques to take with you to prevent the recurrence of symptoms.

For an effective whole body experience, manual therapies can be combined with specialized techniques including Gyrotonic, Pilates, or yoga exercises, alternative therapies such as dry needling, acupuncture, and cupping to restore function and relieve pain.

When appropriate, physical therapists may recommend working with one of our skilled Physical Therapy Aides (“PT Aides”) after your Initial Evaluation and in between quarterly follow ups.  In a PT Aide session you can expect the same high level of quality care, guidance, and support in your practice of therapeutic exercises assigned by your Physical Therapist.

You have the right to ask for and receive a Good Faith Estimate of Expected Charges for your physical therapy visits.  If English is not your primary language, please let us know and we will provide translation.

We are proud to announce Elements was awarded the Patients’ Choice Award

  • ``I came to Elements on two canes and have been rescued by the Center.``- Pat M.
  • ``Jessi at the Elements Center is seriously amazing! My physical therapy session with her was thorough and made me feel like I was really being heard. Her evaluation of me was in depth and she explained what she was seeing as she went along which I really appreciated. When I expressed my concerns with dry needling and acupuncture (I'm a fainter...), she helped ease my worries by walking me through how the process is beneficial, and how she takes a unique approach of combining needling with manual work in order to let my nervous system calm down (and I didn't pass out!). I walked out feeling significantly looser and like I didn't have to guard my body as much. I will definitely be back in for more sessions!`` - Eva M.
  • ``Awesome experience and highly qualified friendly instructors & physical therapists in a very warm welcoming environment that will get the best out of you and teach you more about your body and movement in general. Keep up the great work guys.`` - Sherif H.
  • ``The PTs at Elements are all top notch. I have been to dozens of therapists across the city and I have never, ever worked with a more talented, dedicated team. I feel so fortunate to be working with them!`` - Kacey C.
  • ``A wonderful, relaxing atmosphere with well seasoned teachers. I highly recommend Gyrotonics, Pilates, as well as Physical therapy at Elements.`` - Heike Y.
  • ``When a friend literally dragged me to Elements six years ago, I had no idea that it and they would change my body. I had had some big deal leg surgery and had years long compensations from these leg issues -- which I didn't realize were as bad as they were. I had been a young athlete but now I was a past middle age person who had done gyms and work outs consistently over the years. I'd also been in PT for years. Little did I know that I had wound up at a place with the most amazing, dedicated and focused body movement specialists and physical therapists. Now, years later, I know I will never stop going to Elements, doing private sessions and Gyro classes. Gyro-tonic is a unique system that strengthens, shapes and lengthens all the muscles in the body. (I seek out Gyro studios when I travel.) While my purpose was to get my body and my gait ``fixed,`` Gyro and Elements wound up transforming my body, building muscle (in all the right places). I get compliments about how I look all the time, and now I wear tight clothes and feel great in them. But most importantly, I feel terrific in my body. I will never quit. Now I'm going to focus on balance and strength, so I'll stay this way forever! Elements and all the folks there couldn't be better, or nicer. Everyone who goes there loves it. Thank you Elements Family!`` - Valerie S.
  • ``Best Pilates studio I've been to. Instruction is excellent and well tailored to various physical needs. Also a really nice place.`` - Evelyn F.
  • `` At Elements I have had experience with physical therapy for my stiff shoulder and for my gait that was causing knee pain. I received both expert instruction and practice, and have since continued with gyrotonic classes to keep myself stretched, flexible and strong. They provide the best anti-aging exercises I have found. In addition, the Elements staff, as well as the studio space, is inviting, warm and lively. A perfect spot in the middle of DCs stressed life style.`` - Leith B.

Physical Therapy at Elements is a holistic, hands-on approach to care.  We address your injuries or source of discomfort to help you get moving again with ease.

Are you an aspiring Physical Therapist?  Ask about our Internship Program!