Working with people of all ages and fitness levels toward achieving better health since 2007!  Discover your health and wellness partner at Elements today!

While recognized nationally as a GYROTONIC® Exercise Studio, Elements serves as a comprehensive fitness and wellness center founded by Justine Bernard in 2007 to help you discover the joy that comes from moving freely at any age and in any stage.

Inspired by the natural elements we invite you to:

  • Boost your energy with a GYROKINESIS®  or GYROTONIC®  session/class (Fire)
  • Revive your body with a private Pilates session (Wood)
  • Feeling out of balance or a little off?  Restore the balance between mind and body with a massage (Earth)
  • Improve your health and vitality with an acupuncture treatment (Metal)
  • Refresh with a relaxing Reflexology or Reiki treatment (Water)

Combine these and other services for maximum relief!

Whether you are a physical therapy patient, a group class participant, or a professional dancer in town for a performance at the Kennedy Center, we want you to feel at home and have access to all that we offer.

Talk to us!  We can walk you through the range of services we offer and for assistance in choosing the right practitioner or group class for you.  View Services by Price & Practitioner.

Congratulations to Justine on being awarded the Her Corner Accelerator Education Grant, recognizing women business owners supporting other women business owners!