The GYROKINESIS® Exercise Level 1 Final Certification course is offered two to three times per year.  This 3 day course is the final step in becoming a certified GYROKINESIS® Trainer Level 1.

In order to complete this course, the following pre-requisites must be met:
  •  The Master Trainer overseeing your Supervised Apprentice Review Course must sign and date your Apprentice Log Sheet, including the last page of the log sheet giving your “final approval” to take the Final Certificate Course.
  • Your Apprentice Log Sheet must show the minimum requirement of 30 completed teaching hours.
  • You must present your Apprentice Log Sheet to the Master Trainer at registration on the first day of the Final Certificate Course.  DO NOT mail the Apprentice Log Sheet!

If you are going to exceed your 1-year Apprentice Period by the time a Final Certification course becomes available, you must e-mail Sarah Simpson ( to request an extension.  Her approval for the extension is required before you are able to register for the course.

Upon completion of the Final Certification Course, participants will be able to successfully demonstrate the principles and exercises from the GYROKINESIS® Level I Foundation Course syllabus, in addition to applying the appropriate verbal cues and physical guidance to support students.

Day 1 (Friday)
  • 9am-10am- Registration (have your signed Apprentice Log Sheet and course fee payable by cash or check ready)
  • 10am-1pm- Course
  • 1pm-3:45pm- Lunch/Break.  Take a class, get a massage,and  explore the neighborhood!
  • 4pm-6:30pm- Course, continued.
Day 2 (Saturday)
  • 10am-1pm- Course
  • 1pm-3:45pm- Lunch/Break (see above)
  • 4pm-6:30pm- Course, continued.

Day 3 (Sunday)

  • 10am-1pm- Course
  • 1-2pm- Shortened Lunch/Break
  • 2-4pm- Course wrap up, presentation of certificates.
REFUND POLICY: Please do not sign up unless you are certain you plan to attend the course. The payment of $225 studio fee is due online at the time of registration and is non-refundable an non-transferable.  We cannot guarantee a spot on the roster without payment.  Course fee ($350) is payable by cash or check directly to the trainer on the first day.

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