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Welcome to Elements Fitness & Wellness Center, a place for you to lengthen, strengthen, and move! We are a movement center in Washington DC and our mission is to help all people of any movement background to discover the joys of moving freely, and therefore living a healthier lifestyle, from professional dancers and elite athletes to grandparents playing with grandkids. Learn more about our fitness center using the button below.


Health and Wellness Services

Elements Fitness & Wellness Center proudly offers a range of wellness services to help you get in tune with your body and feel your best. Heal your body with physical therapy or Pilates classes, and restore your body with massages, acupuncture, or reflexology to take away your aches and pains and allow your muscles to relax. Become more agile and enjoy moving. 

We also offer Reiki and Gyrotonic exercises, which complement each other on physical and energetic levels, and are both essential for nurturing your mind and body. Gyrotonic movement allows you to increase your range of motion and open your physical energy pathways, while reiki helps to remove mental energy blockages and open your mental energy pathways. Health and wellness services are most effective when they include the mental body along with the physical body, which is why our movement center takes pride in the services that we offer to our clients.


Fitness Classes and Workshops

We call ourselves a fitness and wellness center for a reason. Moving is another key element in improving your overall health. We offer a variety of different types of group classes that allow you to engage in different forms of fitness in a fun, aligned, and safe setting. Our trained exercise instructors are a great resource for you to use on your fitness journey, and the group setting is both fun and motivating!

Contact Elements Fitness & Wellness Center

If you have any questions for us about our fitness classes, wellness services, the Gyrotonic Method, or anything else we would be happy to help! Please feel free to send us a message using the button below, or give us a call at (202) 333-5252.

When it comes to health clubs in Washington DC, there’s a reason that people choose Elements. Come see for yourself and learn to lengthen, strengthen, and move!

Address: Georgetown Plaza, 2233 Wisconsin Ave NW, Suite 217, Washington DC 20007