We’re honored to be the east coast certifying studio!  As a comprehensive GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® education center with three on-site Master Trainers and six Pre-Trainers we offer year-round courses and trainings, including Final Certification courses!

Whether you are a fitness professional looking to diversify your offerings interested in a Level 1 Pretraining or if you are a current Certified Trainer looking for updates and advanced courses, Elements is here for you, every step of the way!  Steps to Certification.

Don’t see the course you’re looking for?  E-mail us! We keep a running record of all course inquiries in order to offer you a comprehensive training schedule which can include Pretrainings, Foundations, Apprentice Reviews, Level 2 courses, courses for using specialized equipment (Archway®, Leg Extension Unit®, GYROTONER®), and Justine’s famous GYROTONIC® Exercise Applications for Osteoporosis.  We even offer private Level 1 Pre-Trainings!

To register for courses you must create a student account through the Elements MindBodyOnline site.  This will allow you to pay the non-refundable studio fee to reserve your spot in a course.

Courses often sell out quickly.  You may e-mail us or call 202-333-5252 to request a spot on the wait list.

2020 Final Certification Course Dates are open for registration!

2020 GYROTONIC® Exercise Update courses:

GYROTONIC®  Exploration into the Extremes with Abel Horvath, May 6-10

GYROTONIC® Jumping-Stretching Board with Tracy Reid, August 8-11

GYROTONIC® Applications for the Shoulder Girdle with Uwe Herbstreit, November 2-4

Become a GYROKINESIS® or GYROTONIC®  trainer in 2020:

GYROTONIC® Pre-Training, May

GYROTONIC® Level 1 Foundation, June



GYROKINESIS®  Level 1 Foundation, January 2021

Please email if interested and let us know what dates would work for you!

Teacher Workshops:

GYROTONIC® Applications for Osteoporosis 2020

with Master Trainer Dr. Justine Bernard

January- Mexico City, Mexico

March- St. Louis, Missouri

May- Hopkins, Minnesota

July- Portland, Oregon

July- Los Angeles, California

November- Toronto, Ontario, Canada

email: Justine@elementscenter.com for more details

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