While we are an internationally recognized certifying GYROTONIC® Exercise education center, Elements Center is dedicated to sharing the joy of moving freely with everyone, including our students!

We host a variety of workshops to facilitate a deeper understanding of your body, and look forward to expanding our workshop offerings in 2018!

More 2 hour Workshops with Our Physical Therapists!

GYROTONIC® Exercise Workshops with Dr. Jenny April!

Cost: $60

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NEW!  Restorative Yoga: Deep Rest with Dr. Michele Fry 
Sunday April 8th from 2-4pm
cost $45

Daily stressors and the fast-pace of modern life taxes your nervous system and creates deeply layered tension in the connective tissue that wraps your muscles, organs, and even bones. This proverbial “shrink wrap” restricts your flexibility and sense of spaciousness in your body, as well as your physiologic function.

In this 2-hour workshop, we will attend to this “shrink wrap” using gentle movement and bolsters, blankets, blocks and other props to support the body as it unwinds into deep & luxurious relaxation.

You will remember what it is to feel supported, nurtured, and deeply rested~ as if you have been on a long overdue vacation. And in only a few hours!

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Courses for GYROTONIC® Trainers

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