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GYROTONIC from phelan on Vimeo.

GYROTONIC® exercise was featured on the Rachael Ray Show: click here to view the segment



Elements Center held GYROKINESIS® classes for Alvin Ailey dancers last  February, check out the article in the Georgetown Current!

"I wanted to take advantage of this wonderful technique and just letting it help assist in my performance by freeing up my joints and my energy," said Olivia Bowman, who has been with Ailey for eight seasons.


Check out Elements Center and our own Morgann Frederick in this Prevention issue: Click here



  • I have had posture problems and chronic back pain for as long as I can remember. Nothing has made me feel more comfortable and stronger than the GYROTONIC® system. The instructors at Elements are amazingly knowledgeable and very kind. My body is so grateful. - Ruth Faden

  • As a result of my twice a week GYROTONIC® lessons, my flexibility, stamina, strength and balance have improved significantly. It’s remarkable to be fitter today than I was six years ago. Talented and knowledgeable instructors are combined with a full array of GYROTONIC® equipment in a light-filled and welcoming room. - Wendy Luke

  • In 2009 I suffered a spinal cord injury at around T11 that paralyzed my legs. Gradually, I regained limited walking ability but after 18 months grew frustrated with my physical therapy clinic, with its 50-minute non-private sessions and routine procedures. A friend told me about her wheelchair-bound acquaintance who has benefited from GYROTONIC® at Elements, so I made an appointment with Justine Bernard, the owner of Elements who has a doctorate in physical therapy. Impressed by the full, hands-on attention of a therapist for the entire hour, I switched to Justine and continue to see her twice a week, more than three years after my injury. - Lorraine Swerdloff

  • GYROTONIC® exercise has changed my life since I was first introduced to it years ago in physical therapy. It’s the best way for me to stay aligned and stretched while having a great work-out. It was also a lifesaver throughout my pregnancy. Not only did it provide relief for my aching back but it has also helped me bounce back into shape quicker than I would expect. - Emily Lenzner, 37

  • When I started GYROTONIC® exercise more than five years ago, I never imagined how important it would become to me. After all, I wasn't a dancer or professional athlete, and I had never been very interested in things like Pilates or yoga. But after only a few sessions I was delighted to find in GYROTONIC® exercise a thoroughly engaging way of increasing my strength and flexibility and preventing future injuries. Because the system combines elements of dance, swimming, and even gymnastics, it is never boring, and as your skills improve, you can tackle more advanced exercises. Thanks to the excellent instructors at Elements, who tailor the exercises to meet your particular needs, I was able to return to GYROTONIC® not long after the birth of my children and rebuild my strength. Because GYROTONIC® exercise engages the mind and the body, I have come to view it as far more than merely a stretch or exercise routine. It has become an integrative way of life. - Christine Rosen, Washington, D.C.

  • GYROTONIC® exercise is a true tonic for me. I have past the mid-seventy mark and I am strong, fit and flexible. I have been working in this way for years and don’t plan to stop. My problems are not unusual for my age: an arthritic knee, stenosis in my low back, a stiff neck and a very busy schedule. The GYROTONIC® system addresses all of these. - Betty Ustun

  • For years I was looking for the most efficient way to combine weight training, stretching and targeted exercises for my "problem" areas. I used to combine Pilates and yoga which was very good. But I found that two-three sessions of GYROTONIC® exercise brought me better results and felt less like "work." And I finally stopped injuring myself. - Anna Åslund, an adjunct professor and mother of two

  • It sounds ridiculous, but it's true: one of the most important criteria as I looked for a place to live in DC a year ago was closeness to a GYROTONIC® studio. After a herniated disc a few years before brutally brought home the fact that the body deteriorates without attention, I still postponed taking up regular exercise until eventually my ex-ballet dancer sister dragged me to a GYROTONIC® class. Hooked by how much better I breathed and moved after it, I began twice-weekly GYROTONIC® workouts. In a couple of months they banished the nightly muscle cramps. In a couple more they stopped the shots of back pain whenever I stooped or twisted. Now after a year and a half the general flabby weakness is gone (so nice to have firm legs and a straight back), I have regained the half inch of height I had lost, and DEXA scans show increased bone density. What's more, no two sessions are ever the same: no monotony here. For me and the other three family members who now do GYROTONIC® exercise, it has been amazingly effective and is an essential part of our lives. - Sandra Bernstein, a retired English professor

  • Working with a trainer at Elements Fitness and Wellness Center – my workout is harder, smarter, better. My body goes where it wouldn’t go without the guidance, encouragement and push of skilled gyrotonic trainers. Over past 40 years, I migrated from aerobics and lifting weights, to yoga, to pilates and for the last six years, GYROTONIC® exercise. As a result of my twice a week GYROTONIC® lessons, my flexibility, stamina, strength and balance have improved significantly. It’s remarkable to be fitter today than I was six years ago. Talented and knowledgeable instructors are combined with a full array of GYROTONIC® equipment in a light-filled and welcoming room. Because of the number of different pieces of equipment and the number of exercises that can be done on each piece, each GYROTONIC® session has an element of adventure. - Wendy Luke- an HR consultant

  • I switched from doing Pilates to GYROTONIC® exercise when I realized how much more flexibility, core strength, and pain relief my sessions at Elements were providing. And now my 70 year old husband, a total skeptic at the outset, is as devoted to his sessions as I am. Elements' trainers are superb, and the equipment top notch. I'm only exaggerating a little to say that we've found our fountain of youth. - Victoria Jaycox

  • As a senior golfer (single digit handicap), I am always interested in improving my golf game and building strength to prevent injuries. I started GYROTONIC® exercise about three years ago, not originally because of golf, but because I could “feel” myself standing taller and stretching out the tension between my shoulder blades. As I continued with GYROTONIC® exercise, I realized that my core was stronger, I was more aware of how my body moved (or didn’t!), and my flexibility increased. I enjoy golf more (if possible), and feel that my improved strength and flexibility help avoid sports injuries. Though I continue GYROTONIC® exercise because, I believe, it improves my life in general, I am also quite pleased that it also improves the sport I love. - Maggie B.