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Reflexology & Reiki


Reflexology is a method for activating the natural healing power of the body. The ancient Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Russians and Egyptians worked on the feet to promote good health. This healing technique is based on the principle that there are energy zones that run throughout the body and reflex areas in the feet that correspond to all the major organs, glands and body parts. Reflexology stimulates more than 7,000 nerves in the feet during a treatment, thereby encouraging the opening and clearing of neutral pathways. Some of the many benefits are: it reduces stress and induces deep relaxation; improves circulation, cleanses the body of toxins and impurities; revitalizes energy levels; stimulates creativity and productivity; and brings the whole body back to a dynamic state of balance.

Reflexology sessions by appointment only. To make an appointment, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 202-333-5252

One hour: $95
Package of 3 sessions: $270 ($90 each, valid for 2 months)


Reiki (Ray-Key) – A method of natural healing based on the use of Universal Life Force Energy transmitted through the light touch of an attuned practitioner. The body is not only nourished by food, water and air but also by "Life Force Energy" that flows through and around it. If this flow is blocked due to thoughts, emotions or experiences, Reiki can help release the blockages. Therefore it encourages healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels and may have benefits such as pain relief, stress reduction and emotional release. During the treatment you will most likely be in a deeply relaxed state. This will allow your body to tap into an unlimited supply of life force energy, which will have benefits on your health and state of well-being. GYROTONIC® exercise and Reiki complement each other on a physical and energetic level and are both essential for nurturing your mind and body.

One Reiki session: $95
Gift certificates are also available

Energy Work

Energy work encompasses a number of different modalities such as Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and Quantum Touch that utilize basic principles similar to Chinese and Indian traditional healing practices. Energy work is a "layering of the hands" technique that channels life force energy, also known as chi, ki or prana accroding to different healing traditions. These energy work modalities relieve energy blockages and imbalances, which are believed to be the underlying causes of disease, and thuse restore balance and support heailing and well being.

Common Reasons for Seeking Energy Work

  • Reduce stress and the physical, emotional, mental and energetic impacts of stress
  • Improve concentration and mental clarity
  • Boost physical or mental energy
  • Achieve and maintain balance
  • Modify unwanted recurrent or chronic mental, emotional, or behavioral patterns
  • Support the process of change initiated by loss, necessity or personal choice
  • Improve sleep
  • Relief of aches, stiffness and tension
  • Reduce nausea and other side effects of treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy
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